Gathered near the lake, Phillip watched his grandchildren. Ty stood talking with the pastor while little Jonathan marched onto the scene, not wanting to be left out. Sarah shadowed Ty, but as usual was daydreaming of being with fairies and princesses dancing on the sunflower covered hillside.


They had gathered on this warm sunny day to picnic after church and witness Ty’s self-chosen commitment to express his desire to follow the Lord with his life.


Phillip sat near his daughter, alternating between the last bites of his sandwich and snapping photos. He took an oatmeal cookie and pulled a piece off, gently offering to the 13 month old his daughter held. Laura opened her mouth like a baby bird and as she sensed the morsel of sweetness near her lips she leaned in fast and bit her grandfather’s fingers and cookie at the same time. As he pulled back his hand, looking at baby teeth marks that stung slightly, Anna giggled “When will you learn she is part raptor Dad?”


He tilted his head downward until he could see the chubby cheeked offender’s adorable face, leaned in and nuzzled his nose in her neck, making her giggle. As he repeated this he looked up at his Anna and reminisced how lovely the smell of babies are.


Every one’s attention was directed towards the lake as the Pastor cleared his throat and spoke. “Brothers and sisters, Ty came to me three weeks ago with a request. After many questions and prayer I truly believe and trust that he is very earnest about expressing his sanctification with God. Baptism is a ceremonious custom in which a believer shows his commitment to the congregation and world by physically washing his sins away in the water of life.”


The pastor knelt before Phillip’s eldest grandchild and spoke softly to him, to which Ty shook his head yes and smiled. Before entering the lake the pastor practiced the baptism with Ty by making him cross his arms on his chest and shut his eyes and praying with him. “Trust me to dip you back and pull you up, ok?” Ty shook his head enthusiastically. Twice they did this, Ty, stiff as a board was able to be dropped back several feet and brought back up.


The smiling child looked at his church leader as if to say he had waited long enough, he trusted and he was more than ready. Ty grabbed the older man by the hand and walked into the nearly ripple-less lake reflecting all of God’s beauty.


As the ceremony ensued before his eyes Phillip looked around at the scene and teared up. He may have made mistakes that ended his marriage but the blessing before him was the result of a love he held dear to his heart at one time. After his grandson was lifted from the lake with a smile he could not contain, Phillip shut his eyes and recalled Proverbs 17:6 Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.