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With my best girlfriend, Angela…Good times, great laughs and God’s beauty…not necessarily in that order!

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July 24, 2012 got a wild hair at 8:30 pm. Grabbed the backpack and waved at Mama as i said… Be back after the sun sets! Life is fantastic and wonderful.

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phun with fotos

La Belle Dame Sans Merci 44 x 53 inch Wall Tapestry

La Belle Dame Sans Merci Wall Tapestry

tea cups and saucers

a new beautiful leather bound journal

Inlay Rose Brown Italian Leather Journal with Tie

and this Baroque Bed frame


…and the evil king was slain.
With no heirs to the riches he amassed from his plunders, the wealth was distributed among the people.
The feast usually prepared for the evil one was now shared among all. As the sun set on such a victorious day the people ate heartily, laughed and slept in soft beds of straw and pelts.
The recorder of the days victories put down her quill and parchment and washed fragrant water through her hair. With a kiss to her fingertips she waves a good night to all those she loves. Her soft trundle awaits as her eyelids grow heavy.
Oíche mhaith is Codladh sámh, a ghrá mo chroí she speaks quietly as she kisses her love good night.



i wish i was brave enough to camp alone but about the only weapon own to defend myself would be a rock i picked up from my travels. I don’t even own a pocket knife anymore. Maybe its time to invest in one…and travel a bit more. Pocket knives are cheaper than a traveling companion, and i would not feel rushed when taking pictures.


You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together
You’re the one true thing I know I can believe in
You’re all the things that I desire, you save me, you complete me
You’re the one true thing I know I can believe

The man i love with all of my heart and soul: i have no idea where my life would be without You in it.
You have taken me and lifted me from the ashes of my former self. You have dusted me off with the gentlest of breaths.
What God has blessed me with in my life with You is beyond compare.
He knew what i needed to strive forward in my life, every nuance that would help me become the woman i am today.
All the nuances are wrapped in one package. That package is You.
You know everything required to make me better. Your voice sings to my heart and soul.
Your touch caresses the depths of me.
Your command makes me mold and melt into what i am today.
in all that You have done for me there is not enough days on earth to thank You.
in all that You have done for me there are not enough languages and tongues to thank You.
Thank You for every second i breathe with You.
The man who would make me believe i am a phoenix.
The man who is my greatest encourager.
The man who if the dearest friend a person could ever have.
i love You with all my heart

His Muse

I look, high and low. Where has she gone?

She is the fate that touched him deep enough to make his words bleed on paper.

The one who believed in him when he needed.

Maybe I cannot see her because I cannot feel her touch as he does.

Or maybe too many voices have created  a barrier, hindering her song from reaching his ear, his soul.

As an onlooker in the crowd, I sat eagerly awaiting his next word.

I watched. He seemed alone. Not even looking for his muse. From my view at least.

Working my way out of the audience I ask “Where is your muse?”

He does not hear me.

Tears fall down my cheeks as I consider maybe he never had a muse.

Whatever the answer may be…

I pray his words be drawn from his soul and bleed upon the paper again.

If Bill Jones, Jr ceases to write, this world will be robbed.

They may never get the chance to know they were robbed.



My best friend and I have had a long distance friendship for over 4 years. He was the one person who gently picked me up like a bird with a broken wing and helped me heal. When I was ready to fly again he encouraged me. Then when I was really ready he kicked me out of the nest for fear that my contentment would turn to complacency. Though I know how to fly, and many times do…a bluebird among the eagles, I know where his nest is when i need him. His is filled with comfort and warmth, love, nurturing and protection! He taught me by example what a nest requires and now I have my own.

The greatest thing he did was teach me to unlearn the lies that were brainwashed in my head and to believe in myself.

People walk along the path we travel in life and they are there for a specific reason. Some we see in bitterness because of pain we associate with them while others we grieve as we part, afraid the joy we felt with them will never be felt again.

I believe we are meant to learn from everyone in our lives, good or bad. The good is obvious. The bad…we learn the signs of breakdown and failure, of pain and heartache. Hopefully we learn from these people and don’t have to repeat the lesson to learn it.

Whether it be a life companion or a fan cheering us on. The friends travel longer on our path than others do. Some travel a lifetime and are part of who we are as a person.

What we must remember… We travel in and out of others’ lives and give to them also. Choose what you do with care.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go (if you get off your butt).