Just thinking… America was founded on the belief that a free utopian society could be created; free to practice religion without tyranny. But how can you claim and found a country on land that is already inhabited and with such honorable morals as absence of oppression when you own slaves? And how can you actually believe that when you open your new found country to all those who wish to come and have the liberties you ensure that there will at one point or another not be a complete meltdown?
Men, as a whole, I believe are conquerors, they have the make up in them to wage war, vie for top position in whatever they seek. They are the protectors of the weak and the pro-creators of their race. They are the rulers who plant their flags and claim their territory, who lead others in noble causes they believe in. Many rarely debate with others and agree to disagree; they want to convince others that their way is the right way. (this is no way a slam to men, just my observation)
Let me be analogous for a minute using this so called “melting pot” scenario: we are trying to create a beautiful and strong metal  by throwing copper, iron, gold, silver, tin, zinc, tungsten and titanium in the same pot with one temperature. What happens when you throw zinc, which melts at 787 degrees into a pot of titanium that melts at 3040 degrees?
Don’t get me wrong, i love my freedom and living in a free country but I believe we have been trying to throw all the metals in the same foundry at the same temperature and some have reached a state of critical breakdown in their makeup while others have yet to reach tempering.
I do not believe there is a magic answer for America’s state of what it is now. I have the right to believe what i want but if i try to speak my view at the same time as the rest of the 3.5 million (not sure what percentage are adults) people in the greater Puget Sound area what a cacophony it will be. And trying to find people who you believe like you is almost impossible over the noise.
Do I believe this nation is great? I believe we have a common thread that ties us together and this makes us believe that it will be ok but in reality, the very foundation of whom we are as a nation is the reason we are so fragile.