Emasculation: The deprivation of virility and strength.

I know I will be hated by some for this blog and I truly do not care. It is just a post where I can express how I feel. Before I get hateful emails please consider starting a blog of your own and put your opinion for the world to judge.

I do not see the women’s liberation movement as any kind of step forward.  I understand why it was started and all of the causes that it meant to champion. I actually see this movement as one of the largest downfalls of society.

I think that the women’s introduction to the workforce by the numbers it did several decades ago began an age of decline in the social structure of who we are as a nation.

We complain about the men in our nation, how they are lazy, how they lack drive to become anything.

We complain about children, how they are lazy and have no morals. How they lack the ability to love and have little conscience.

We complain that our families don’t eat supper together, how we lack anything in common.

We complain that life is too fast and we don’t know how to slow it down.

But we as women have stepped into roles that make us a breadwinner. We have created a society of latch key children who are raised by television, video games, cell phones and doing immoral/illegal things for thrills.

I title this post emasculation of a nation but our men have been emasculated also. Many have been stripped of their innate need to be providers and protectors. The femininity that they are attracted to is gone as they see women as competition now. Women that wave their banner of liberty against “oppression from men” (how sexy Is that?), Women that used to care for them and the children they have together, Women that want it all but think they can throw  money at it and make a problem go away.

The outcry over children’s sins and crimes could easily be addressed if a caring mother took time to love, nurture and teach that child right from wrong. Show them how to use their imagination by shutting off the television, unplugging the computers and taking away other devices. teach them It’s not ok to call names and hit others… this is the way women are made up, we think things through to a degree  that our children should see that we should think before acting and speaking.

Men are very right/wrong creatures, able to make life altering decisions in seconds when it counts. And they believe so strongly in their decision that they will stand by it. I once said, about my ex, in a hard marriage that he was a good provider. And he was, in fact…a great provider. I could see immediately what those words did to him when he heard them. He maintained then exceeded his standard of providing knowing I saw it and was pleased.

I travelled the road of working 2 jobs at once to pay bills, and the bills rarely got paid, our level of living raised Instead. My children, after 14 months of me doing this were disobedient, back talked and considered me a stranger when I tried to discipline. My ex looked at me and said… “enough… one part time job” after the kids started losing that balance in them, my ex didn’t have the patience to nurture like I did, my kids saw everything in black and white and didn’t reason as they had before. My attitude became somewhat haughty which turned off my ex. He wanted his sweet wife back.

As for women’s liberation, I  benefit from the war it waged in society but I would much rather be at home raising babies, teaching the next generation about tolerance and equality, fairness as well as give and take. I would much rather have a loving man in my life come home, knowing I love him and what he does for me and my family. Knowing we are giving our children a strong moral foundation to one day be leaders wherever they are at.