One of the things that truly annoys me about being a nice  person…is being a nice person.

People tend to take advantage of you when you are nice, when you turn the other cheek and forgive. The people with attention seeking behavior prey on the person who is kind to them.

Today, after many interruptions at work this person bothered me again. I snapped with a very sharply inflected “WHAT”…all i got was a air of disgust and a “Fine” back as she stormed off.

i emailed an apology (for the record, literally) and said i was sorry for snapping but enough is enough. i asked her to help me by please being courteous to me as i am to her.

my email was returned with the stupidest cartoon drawing telling me to get back to work and stop blogging.

Instead of owning up to what she did wrong she tries to make light with idiocy. I would like to bury my head and cry sometimes.

If you think i am overreacting… i had earbuds in, music on, was working on an account and researching 2 Medicare manuals trying to make sense of it all, she stopped by and i stopped what i was doing. pulled out an ear bud, looked up and she stuck her tongue out at me.


tears pour down my face… i dislike being unkind.