Why is it that women forget their worth. When a man says “You’re beautiful” he means it and we don’t believe him, we get embarrassed, as if we are in a place we shouldn’t be.

A friend said this to me last week and covered my mouth when I started to speak up. He said “You are strong, you love when others give up. You cry when joy is felt, and laugh when you are in pain, you smile when you’re hurt. You would fight to protect that which you have been entrusted with. You think quietly and let others do things their own way without your input or advice unless you are asked or see them in danger or feeling helpless. Your smile is deceivingly innocent and warm at the same time. Your eyes have seen joy and so much pain, even your own death, yet they are prettier that the anything I have seen. There is more to beauty than what you think I see. These are my eyes and I know what they see. You cannot argue with that!”

All I did was sigh and say thank you.