I lay there in his embrace as he brushes my hair with his fingers and tells me I will be ok. He looks at me, just an hour after we have met up, tears flowing down my face and asks why I am crying. Its so hard to explain, or is it??

I cry because I am sated with joy being with him and memorizing every feature of his face for the millionth time. What if I will never look in his beautiful eyes again? Allowing me to peer in his soul, to see all of his secrets, his trust in me is not taken lightly as I am the harbor to which he anchors safely.

Tear filled blue eyes study him, wondering how he knows that his fingers in my messy tendrils are like a lightning rod to which all my emotion flows. Does he know my heart is racing and the sound of the blood pumping deafens me?

I am lost in him. Afraid to blink, I might never see him again… my crying deepens into a quiet sob.

He pulls me into his strong chest, arms enveloping me so tight. Brushing the hair away from my forehead so he can press his lips against my skin, time slows. My heart stops momentarily and I silently beg God to let me die in the perfect moment. My soul cries out to the Father…please don’t let this moment end.

Shutting my eyes, hoping my pleas are heard, He allows me to slip into a deep slumber in the arms of love. For now the restlessness of longing for my love is at peace. I know, in this very moment what home means.