When anyone tries to take their subjective opinion and make it seem like an objective fact, remember, its ok to not believe all that you are taught and you don’t have to follow someone blindly.

One of the reasons I was such a horrid student…because I always felt I had the right to formulate my own opinion and not believe everyone elses ideas. Especially a teachers!

I remember telling my short stories teacher that my character was an uneducated person after her complaints that I was writing phonetically. I wanted to the reader to understand him through my writing and not just say “my character is dumb”. She explained that it was I that was uneducated, my response was to mouth off “then you should be fired for not doing your job”.

Needless to say, Mr Marcolin, the student counselor, and I got to know each other well in those three years, but there was not one single phone call to my parents. I just stood firm that I had a right to think independently.

The fundamentals of education are critical but when its time teach different styles please use your brain!