The most exciting news in a long time…Seattle city council voted 6-2 last night in favor of Chris Hansen’s new arena to be built near Safeco Field and Qwest Stadium, to house a new basketball team. It still has to pass King County Council and an environmental review but this has got Seattle folks screaming in the streets. After I first moved here I watched as the city’s heart broke when the Sonics were bought out and moved to Oklahoma. Protest after protest in front of the Federal Courthouse, it was a sea of green jerseys and protest signs. There are still hurdles to jump but Seattle is beginning to stomp its feet, the beginning of a cheer for a new home team.

The plus side…we are looking at the possibility of an NHL team also.

No matter how much I look forward to these possibilities I have one issue. My frickin commute is gonna suck because I drive past the stadiums to get to and from work each day!