Trying to hurriedly take a deeper look as I help Bill by being a beta reader. I can’t wait for him to be able to publish the third book in his trilogy. He strikes many chords in me with his art and I am thankful he trusts me to help him out.
Bill Jones.. you are awesome Hunny!!
Oh and thanks for one of my fave songs too!!

This Blog Intentionally Blank

I write many different stories, with quite differing themes. But in most, there is a single underlying theme. It blows gently there, like whispers of an autumn wind. It is love, silent, but there. I do not mean this to sound maudlin; love takes many forms and is not always gentle. Sometimes, love hurts or kills, or takes possession of that which it should not have. But at it’s best, it is merely present – strong and pure.

Perhaps that is why it continually sneaks – unbidden – into my writing.

From Emprise

Robin reached toward him, cupping his cheek in her hand. A delicate henna glove of geometric patterns had been etched into her skin. Charlie looked down and realized that her sandals were likewise only henna. She had been walking, barefoot, for miles, on a sea of glass.

“You look beautiful like that,” she said. For a moment…

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