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Emprise (The Stream, Book 3).

The very talented Bill Jones Jr has completed the third book in his Stream series. Please check it out. He has a sweet deal on top of that for those who haven’t read the first two books…November 7th through 9th he is offering them free to Kindle readers.
Congratulations Bill. I cannot wait to read more of your work.
Much love my friend 🙂


New Blog…


So I ran pretty much outta data space on this blog so this will be my last post here. Here is the new blog website….


Yay for new beginnings

Just when i thought my life couldn’t get any better i set my purse between myself and the steering wheel to look for carmex (while parked) and VOILA’… My Bluetooth disconnects from my car and my car decides she is frickin bilingual.
Well I cannot re-sync my blue tooth until I convince her she’s not from France. But I don’t speak French so she doesn’t understand a word i say.

Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky