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the Songwriter

Once Upon a Time, years and years ago, there lived a young woman.

she was fair haired and had deep blue eyes.

she sang a song in her heart, she knew the song had no words but that did not stop her from singing.

she sought very hard to find the Songwriter who knew the words to her melody.

she was imprisoned by her father, a drunkard who thrived with his violent and condescending tongue.

the young woman was desperate to escape and unknowingly entered the snare of a man who was no better than her father.

still the young woman sang.

no matter what these men in her life did she sang in her heart, calling out to the Songwriter, the only man who knew the melody.

she had a brief glimpse of the Songwriter, they encountered one another every few moons.

with every encounter the two enjoyed each other all the more.

she was unaware that He was the One for whom she sought.

yet she felt a tug at her heart, the song she sang pulled her to Him

the taskmaster threatened her, for he knew the Songwriter was now calling to her and she no longer sang alone

his words to her were venomous, attempting to poison her heart

one day during a weak moment in her taskmasters life she sought to flee, and flee she did.

others came and went, attempting to lure her away from the Songwriter.

not knowing who was calling to her heart she looked blindly in all directions

as his voice echoed she veered, hither and yon, seeking the One whom she could hear

she could see the others mouths speaking words but as she gathered close they were not the words that called her

she encountered the Songwriter and shared her news of freedom

when He spoke, she looked with wonder, was this another echo she was hearing

He continued to speak until she was close enough to hear Him

it was neither an echo nor a trick

her heart sang, He wrote a word to match

she sang again and thus He wrote

the more she sang, the more His words flowed   

soon she sang, her melody dripped from her heart like honey

one day, the Songwriter whispered to her…I have sought the melody maker all my life




i woke this morning, a smile and tear on my face
to a world that seems dreary
i knelt at my bed, to the God i humbly face
and saw the world more clearly
i thanked Him for my life, and the world anew
for the ability to write this letter
i said a prayer for all, a special one for You
for the world to be much better
God wiped my tear, saying “no need to cry
for My hand is upon them, you see”
He touched my heart, saying “My Son did die
so that they may know me”
Though i know this promise, deep in my heart
sometimes He must remind me.
Through the love of the Father, He did impart
a touch of wisdom so kindly

Like the tree in fall who must humbly shed their leaves of protection and beauty in order to let the seed drop and create anew, there are times i must take all of my superfluous things that protect me and make me lofty and shed them so i may get back to the heart of the matter. Humility, meekness, making myself lower…….let me once again sit before You, shed of all pretensions, at Your feet with reverence. Quiet the cacophony of life so i may hear Your direction for me, please.    

Faith for a friend

Be of good courage my friend, seek Him that saves you from your enemies.

Trust on Him that knows every secret you keep. He is here for you, as am i, in times of despair as well as joy.

i desire that you would plant your feet firmly… shore up your foundation in the Lord.

He knows you intimately, every thought, every worry, every joy. 

God is not too big to know you personally, to know what you go through.

I do not know why God put you in my life, i have asked Him over and over again. … i have heard a voice in my heart…. “be faithful and true to this person, this is what they need in their life. Show them My love.”

So you see… i will NOT turn away even in my struggle to understand.

Happy is the heart that loves ever so deeply
Happy is the heart who holds another close
Happy is the heart that is able to care for another
Happy is my heart because of you

Happy is the life that shares itself
Happy is the life that edifies another’s
Happy is the life that protects the life closest to them
Happy is my life because of you

I have made so many friends in the last 2 years of my life. To the ones who
have taken advantage of me and pushed me to exclude them from life..thank
you for teaching me what i need to be wary of, the signs and speed bumps
are now in my sights. To the ones who are true, i would give my life for
you though i know you would never ask that of me.

Y’all have let a country girl explore her boundaries, learn much about
herself and sometimes just allowed me to be completely evil with teasing
that i never knew i could do so well.

Most of all i have learned that once i allow you to reside in my heart you
become a permanent resident. I will not kick you out, i just slip on my
tool belt and head to home depot to buy building supplies to make more room
for new people. My heart is always under construction.

Thank you friends, good and bad

Never left

Everyday without contact i die inside, yet my hunger for You grows.

i seek You but You are hidden among the forest, in plain sight yet a shadow.

i am blinded to all around me for my focus is finding You.

i am deafened by the sound of my heart beating, resonating in my body, quaking me from within.

Your scent lingers at my nose, i breathe in deep. The smell of Your skin fills my lungs, driving the passion i have for You.

i feel You close, warmth surrounds me yet i do not see.

As i lean and peer around a tree seeking You, my fingers touch smoothe flesh.

Lightning through my soul, my fingertips become the grounding rod to Your energy and my body rocks from the feel of You.

Tears of joy flow gently onto Your skin and down my cheeks.

i taste my uncertainties in the salt of my tears which soon turns to the sweetness of Your kisses on my lips.

Your strong arms engulf me as my senses consume You.

Through the deafening thumping within, Your voice penetrates me, quiet words calm my heart, “shhhh shhhhh my love.

Though You may not see me I have never left you precious…..