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Just when i thought my life couldn’t get any better i set my purse between myself and the steering wheel to look for carmex (while parked) and VOILA’… My Bluetooth disconnects from my car and my car decides she is frickin bilingual.
Well I cannot re-sync my blue tooth until I convince her she’s not from France. But I don’t speak French so she doesn’t understand a word i say.


Be the one who makes a difference today!!! No matter how small the gesture…be the one! 

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There comes a point in your life when you don’t have to be anyone’s anything anymore. You can walk away knowing what you have tried to accomplish for others is complete. And you stand at the door, looking at all with great fulfillment and thankfulness at the legacy of what you had struggled to do…. then you hear your children thank you, you hear them say they love you, they say how much they want to be a part of your life and you a part of theirs. In an instant you realize the goal was not just the happiness of those around you but your own as well. I have such a peace inside me at this moment that i wish i could show you all. Don’t give up, ever. No matter how hopeless anything ever seems to be…its not.

Make a difference

what am i doing to make a difference in the world i live in? i don’t want to just be someone’s somebody. We have a suffering world that needs us desperately. So instead of asking me on a date that costs $50 for a meal and $30 for movies and popcorn, just take me blanket shopping for the homeless people that are cold. or how about gloves and hats…. how many could we buy for that $80? how much food could you buy for a hungry family? If you want to impress me, show me your compassion for humanity and a benevolent heart Please!!

moving forward

Have you been on a plane…?

Buckled in…

On the tarmac heading to take off…

As you round that last corner before leaving the ground you come to a stop..

Lights dim…

Seat belt signs ding a couple times and it feels like the plane will just shut down…

It just idles for a minute then starts to rumble….

The sound of the engines sound like the thunder of the roaring ocean…

The plane quakes as the pilot waits for the right engine speed….

Then he lets the thrust of the engines do what they are meant to do….

Speed is only relative when there are obstacles in the view and acceleration to be felt.

Gearing up for greatness in your life can be shaky…loud…it can make your heart pound and palms sweat.

But if you don’t go through this process you never reach the altitude and speed God meant you to soar at.

Let go…

Allow the noise and thrill to encourage you on instead of scare you