Half asleep, Anna stands in the kitchen with messy hair just staring at the coffee maker. If she stares long enough maybe the elves that neglected cleaning the kitchen last night would feel remorse and come make some. Oh if life were that nice.

Just as she lays her head on the counter a little voice calls out “open peepers Mommy!” Adrenaline courses her veins with the startle.

Picking up and kissing good morning, she smiles at the joy she has wrapped up in these twenty eight pounds. Now this is more like it!! With little Melissa on her hip, she seems to feel more alive though she may not look it. Dishes rinsed and placed in the dishwasher, smiling at her little one in the high chair waiting for breakfast.

The smell of freshly ground and brewing Sumatra evokes her mouth to salivate at the thought of sweetened bitterness she loves while she turns bacon in her electric skillet.

Clunk!!! Clunk, clunk! Giggles… then Mommy type sighs as Anna bends to pick up My Little Ponies and an empty Sippy cup. With toys back in play and promises of breakfast she returns to almost over cooked bacon. Next up, French toast made with raisin bread and scrambled eggs.

Little one is happy, food before her and pup licking baby toes in anticipation of morsels falling to the floor as squeals of laughter come from the kitchen.

A booming voice upsets the balance moments before laughter resumes. It’s Daddy!!! Every morning, like clockwork, he enters the kitchen with a rumble of stomping his feet and deep inflections of dissatisfaction as he asks “WHO WOKE ME UP???” as he flashes a grin at his “women”. The love of his life with messy red hair in a jersey type night shirt that hugs her curves perfectly is pouring his coffee. David releases a guttural moan of pleasure at the sight of her “just woke up” look. The “offspring” as he calls her playfully, is strapped into her high chair with bacon scrunched in one hand and scrambled eggs in the other.

David kisses his love’s neck as she holds his mug up to him. Curling his fingers in a half circle and placing them under her chin he secures his grip with his thumb. Lifting Anna’s face upwards he kisses her lips and whispers his adoration between breaths. His other hand glides over her curves and to her bottom, pulling her body in. A whisper from her reminds him he has coffee to drink and a baby to eat breakfast with. He leans into her ear and threatens to one day forget his manners and pack her back to bed, coffee or not!

She kisses David passionately before leaving. Swaying her hips a bit more for his pleasure, he watches her walk away. Endorphins race from his brain throughout his body as she bends over in front of him to pick up a blue plastic pony from the floor. While bent over she looks back and smiles that temptress smile that drives him insane.

It does her heart good to hear the chatter between the two most important people in her world. She stops as she hears her husband teaching his daughter a new word for the day… today it is Aphrodite. Shaking her head she heads to the shower.

After rinsing conditioner out of her hair there is a knock and shadows at the shower door. Peeking out, she sees a naked two year old covered in food being held out as if she were contaminated. After taking Melissa into the shower she promptly shuts the shower door from the gawking boy that lives in David. “Go get dressed” she laughs.

“What word did Daddy teach you today?” she asks the toddler.

“a-fo-di-eee” comes the reply with a huge smile.

“Your Daddy is naughty, you know…” her words trail off as she starts humming while she washes the little one clean.’

Both of them wrapped in towels, Anna carries her precious honey bee, to her room. Dressing her in only a diaper and T shirt and puts her down for her nap. “When you wake up we will go to the zoo Baby. Shut your eyes and go nigh-night.”

As Anna walks to her bedroom to get dressed she sees David leaving the kitchen. He is all smiles knowing that since he cleaned the kitchen he has freed up some time with Anna.

“Aphrodite, huh?”

“Well yeah!! Goddess of pleasure, joy, beauty, love and procreation!!”

“Oh brother! You know how to lay it on thick!!”

David blushes and snags her towel from her body. With a gasp, he acts as if he was seeing her for the first time. He takes her in his arms and lays her on the bed then shuts the bedroom door.